Bergen Bowmen, Inc.

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Our purpose as stated in our incorporation papers (1956) ...

"To foster, expand and perpetuate the ancient sport of archery among the people, young and old of Bergen County; to encourage and provide instruction in use of the bow in the hunting of all legal game as well as field archery and target archery; to instill a spirit of good fellowship among sportsmen and women; to acquaint the public with the bow and its use as a practical and humane instrument, suitable under proper limitations and restrictions for the hunting of game animals and game birds; to protect, improve and increase the privileges of bow and arrow hunters; to cooperate with federal, state and local sportsmen's organizations in the protection and conservation of wild game in its natural surroundings."

And it is still our purpose today.

Bergen Bowmen, Inc. is 501(c)7 social club status, as we derive the majority of our monies to run our organization specifically through membership dues and fees. At no time may a member profit off of the activities of our club. This is in accordance with the limitations set forth by the IRS.

We are a club of dedicated archers who continue to work hard to ensure that the sport of archery and the hunting privileges we enjoy will be enjoyed by future generations. We will continue to promote the sport of archery and bowhunting in a positive manner.

Since 1958, the Bergen Bowmen have been involved in instructing the wise and proper use of the bow and arrow in the sport of archery and in its use as a wildlife management tool.

We firmly believe in conservation through education which is why we perform archery demonstrations for the Boy and Girl Scouts as well as many other youth organizations in the Bergen/Passaic County area. We feel that the general public should be aware about the wise and proper use of the bow and arrow not only as a shooting sport but also as a conservation tool. It is explained in the exhibits that we believe over the years bowhunting has become a sound tool in wildlife mangement and we believe it should remain as such.

Starting with founding member and First President, Harry Kuhles, club members over the years have been NJ Hunter Education Instructors passing on our knowledge and experiences. We have always worked hard to put competent archers out in the field to harvest animals for food. We teach respect and ethics in the harvesting of legal game.

Currently ten members have become certified in the (NASP) Nation Archery in the Schools Program. .

We support the efforts of the New Jersey Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs and the United Bowhunters of New Jersey, the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife and the NJ Fish and Game Council. Nationally we support the Friends of the NRA and the U. S. Sportsmen's Alliance and just recently we have supported the efforts of the National Wild Turkey Federation. Many of our members are in some way involved with the mentioned organizations as members, officers or participants at events.